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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)<br><br>

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 Is Tidewater Workshop furniture shipped finished or unfinished and what about SPLITS, CHECKS or CRACKS?
 Does the furniture require any assembly?
 Where is my order?
 What kind of stain, paint or finish should I use?
 Does Tidewater Workshop sell stain, paint or finish?
 Does Tidewater Workshop sell replacement parts for the furniture?
 Can the furniture be shipped to areas outside the United States?
 Does Tidewater Workshop offer wholesale discounts?
 I'm buying your furniture as a gift. Can you include a card?
 Do you have a store we can visit?
 Is children's furniture available for sale?
 Are arbors or trellises available for sale?
 Are there factory seconds available all the time?
 Can factory seconds be shipped?
 I saw two different 'special free offers' advertised. Can I get both?

Is Tidewater Workshop furniture shipped finished or unfinished?
All of our furniture is shipped natural and unfinished, but can be painted, stained, finished, or left alone to weather to a lovely silvery-grey.

A word about splits, checks or cracks.

If you have a problem with a piece of furniture that appears to have a piece of wood that looks to you to have some kind of "split", please take note of the following.

A "check" is an opening in the wood that can be just on the surface and does not structurally imperil the piece. A "crack" is a wider opening in the wood that can fully seat a rounded toothpick inside in which the toothpick is completely buried. The repair of either a "check" or crack" is the same. Simply take some household glue or glue stick and run it along the checked or cracked seam. Using a piece of sandpaper or even a pencil eraser, sand up a little sawdust from a surrounding piece of wood. Using your thumb, press the sawdust into the glue and allow it to dry. Sand or erase any raised glue/sawdust mix and the "check" or "crack" will be gone.

A split is just that - you can see through the two sides of a piece of wood that should be one solid piece. Looking at the piece, the two sides are completely separated (you can see through the split to the other side) and must be glued, screwed or fastened back together. If this is the case, we will arrange to have a replacement for the component with a split piece sent out to you.

Does your furniture require assembly? Most of our products do require some simple assembly, while some are shipped fully assembled. Our benches, swings and chairs arrive in four easy to assemble components - the back, seat and two arm/leg sections. For more information about assembly, plus actual assembly instructions for our products, please see our Assembly page.

Where is my order?
Tidewater Workshop typically ships MOST items in 3-4 weeks. PLEASE BE ADVISED WE ARE TAKING 3-4 WEEKS LONGER THAN THE STATED SHIPPING TIME FOR MANY OF OUR POPULAR ITEMS. If your order has the online order prefix 709-810 and a phone/mail prefix of 299-325, please note that your order is in queue and has either shipped or is being prepared to ship.

Please be aware that we are re-building Tidewater Workshop customer service from the ground up as we adapt to the migration form mostly phone/mail orders to a greater number of internet and affiliate sales/orders. We are creating infrastructure to provide timely tracking and shipping information but we are not there yet. We have had some difficulty with this transition but please be patient as we should have everything in place shortly.

If you have been given multiple shipping dates due to a processing error, please note that we have prioritized these orders and anticipate have them 100% shipped by the end of the week after the expiration date shown on the upper right hand corner of this website. If it appears you may have to wait longer than 6 weeks for your order, you should receive a mailed postcard in which you can accept the revised shipping date or cancel the order.

Some items, including sale items or items that are part of large orders, can take a little longer. During some months, and especially the weeks after July 1st, it may take up to 6 weeks for delivery of some items. Because of this, our staff sometimes has difficulty keeping up with the volume of phone calls and emails regarding status. Please be patient. We refuse to hire inexperienced staff to help with the brief spike in contact because the service you would receive would be less than if you waited for a return call or email. Please note that we answer the phones M-F (except business holidays) from 10-2 EDT. We have added additional staff between 10 and 2 Monday through Friday so if you need to reach us, these are the best hours.In the unlikely event you do not reach our office staff on your first try, please rest assured that your call will be returned or handled in the order in which it was received.

We are working in the shop M-S 7am-7pm and we have brought back many of our seasoned subcontractors to meet the demand. Please keep in mind that our furniture is hand-made, built to order, and custom in virtually every way so it is well worth the wait. Please feel free to walk around the patio shop at your local "big box" store and compare the lightweight, imported stuff they sell and bought from who knows where with our beautiful, very popular, and well made Tidewater Workshop furnishings. We didn't forget everything we learned in building boats for the first 100 years of our existence...

What kind of stain, paint or finish should I use?
If you plan to stain your furniture, we suggest using a semi-transparent stain, as this will still allow the wood grain to show through nicely. Regardless of the color or type of finish you decide to use, make sure that the product is made for outdoor use (such as deck or trim paint or stain). Your local home store or hardware store will have a variety of products, and they can recommend the best product for your area.

Does Tidewater sell stain, paint or finish? We offer four different stain colors that are our favorites as well as customer favorites. We also sell a clear finish, which we think is the best protective finish that you can use for our products. In addition we offer a cleaner/restorer product for those of you who wish to deeply clean your furniture or restore it back to its natural, unweathered color. Click here to go to our Finish page.

Does Tidewater Workshop sell replacement parts for the furniture? Yes, we do. Click here for information on furniture care and maintenance and ordering replacement parts.

Do you ship to areas outside of the contiguous United States? While it is possible for us to ship to areas outside of the contiguous United States, we cannot offer any promotional shipping charge to orders shipping to these areas. If you would like your order shipped to an area outside of the contiguous United States (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico), please call for exact shipping charges. For other areas that are not states or territories of the US, we suggest using a third party service to receive the package within the US and then ship it on to your foreign destination.

Does Tidewater Workshop offer wholesale discounts? Because we make our products ourselves, we are able to offer  factory - direct prices all year long, so we don't generally offer discounts for large or wholesale orders.  We do offer daily and monthly specials, which you can find out about by calling our order department at 1-800-666-8433, or check the front page of our website. To see what our current coupons are, please click here for our Coupon page.

What if my purchase is a gift?
Can it be shipped to a different address? We can ship your purchase to any address you specify, as long as it is not a PO Box. We do not include invoices which show the price of the order.  We also offer gift certificates, in case you're not quite sure which piece of furniture your friend, loved one or coworker might want. We also offer a Commemorative Brass Plate, which can serve as a lasting reminder of your generosity, for only $25 more. We will engrave the plate with your own personal message.  If you would like a gift card added, please let us know when you order, and indicate the message or occasion, and we will be happy to include a card at no additional cost. Due to the size of our products, we cannot offer any sort of gift wrapping.

Do you have a store we can visit? Unfortunately we don't have a store or a showroom and our workshop itself is not open to the public. If you are going to be in the area or if you live locally, please click here for more information.

Do you make children's furniture? Yes! We've brought back special edition children's furniture, including a Monet Seat and Adirondack Chairs. Click here to see our children's furniture.

Do you make arbors, or trellises?
Unfortunately we do not offer an arbor or trellis at this time. Click here if you would like to be notified in the future if arbors or trellises (or any other products that we do not currently offer)become available.

Can I buy factory seconds any time, or just when you announce a sale? Factory seconds are not available all the time. The best time to get them is when we have a sale. See our Factory Seconds page for more information.

Do you ship factory seconds?
No. Unfortunately, we are completely unable to ship factory seconds. Since prices are already so low, (up to 80% off ) we don't offer  shipping. In addition, all seconds are fully assembled, and therefore too large to ship via UPS. Any seconds furniture must be picked up by the customer. 

I saw your ad in Better Homes & Gardens, and there was a free planter with a 4' Classic Bench purchase. Then I looked in Fine Gardening, and saw a free Family Plate offer with a 4' Classic Bench purchase. Which one is valid? Can I get both? (please note: these are examples, and not current specials.)  We like to offer our customers a number of different free deals and special offers, and from time to time, these offers will differ according to magazine or season. Most offers are limited time, so if the offer you would like is from a while ago, please call one of our customer  service representatives at 1-800-666-8433 to check the availability. For special free offers and giveaways, our policy is one free gift per household per order.

What about privacy? Tidewater Workshop respects the privacy of our customers. Any and all communication in any form (including but not limited to transactional detail, written, verbal communication or conversation, email, and advertising) between Tidewater Workshop (including but not limited to its officers, employees, and suppliers) and its customers is copyright at the time of its transmission and may not be copied, reproduced, retransmitted or otherwise diseminated in any form to any other party without the express written consent of the CEO of Tidewater Workshop AND our customer. Tidewater Workshop will respect and enforce this copyright with respect to any online posting, communication of any form to a third party.

Please rest assured that all of us at Tidewater Workshop seriously value your safe, secure, and private transaction with us.


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