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Refuse/Recycle BinRefuse/Recycle Bin

We are firm believers in spending more time outdoors. Whether you choose to spend your outdoor time on your deck, patio or in your garden, one of the elements almost always overlooked is how to handle waste or recyclables. Our Refuse/Recycle Bin is not only functional, but also very elegantly designed with soaring vertical cedar panels, framed by balanced top and bottom trim. The nesting lid fits flush into the top of the can and the top framepiece removes for bag insertion, then replaces to hold the bag snug in place. Most kitchen sized tall trash bags will fit comfortably. Unmistakably more attractive and weatherproof than faux-stainless or plastic alternatives, our Refuse/Recycle Bin also arrives fully assembled and ready to use.

Measurements: 29" high x 16" square

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