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Factory SecondsFactory Seconds

What are Factory Seconds?

Factory Seconds are pieces of furniture that have been marked down due to cosmetic defects, such as an unusually high number of knots, or cracks and splits. Seconds are usually items that have been damaged in shipping, but may also consist of first quality weathered furniture, prototypes and samples, or first quality stained or painted pieces. All furniture sold at these sales are structurally sound and perfectly usable, sold at around 50%, or up to 75% off their retail prices.
Additional Information
We do not ship seconds! There are no exceptions! Seconds are fully assembled, and therefore exceed the size limits of the shippers that we use. Besides, you should really look at the second quality piece of furniture to make sure that the defects are acceptable to you before you buy it. Please read all of this information fully and send us an email if you still have any questions regarding seconds.

Absolutely no additional coupons, discounts or special offers may be applied to orders containing factory seconds.

The best time to purchase factory seconds is when we hold a sale, which will be advertised in the local papers and on our website the week of the sale. You are welcome call us to ask about when our next sale may be, or join our email mailing list for seconds sales notification by emailing us at:

Please note: The seconds mailing list is an automated email mailing list. Please do not include your postal address, as we will not send postal mail notifications. Please send email to the seconds_notify address from the account on which you would like to receive the notification email. Please do not send any inquiries requiring a reply to these addresses.

All factory seconds are sold as-is, and are not returnable or exchangeable, and all sales are final. As our knowledgeable staff is on-hand at seconds sales, we encourage all sale shoppers to ask us questions, test out the furniture, and, of course, bring a roomy vehicle! (The 4' Classic Bench will fit easily in most 4-door cars.)
If you have purchased a factory second, and would like to replace a portion of it, we can sell pieces, such as seat slats, for a nominal cost. Please contact our customer service department for more information on replacement parts and their costs. Our customer service department can be reached by phone at 800-666-8433, during the hours of 8AM and 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.

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Call 1-800-666-TIDE(8433) to speak with a representative
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