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Tidewater Workshop
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Top Ten Reasons to Order Today!Top Ten Reasons to Order Today!

10. FREE Shipping. If you have a valid FREE Shipping Code, Apply the Code at Checkout and we will deduct the shipping charge and ship your order absolutely FREE.

9. FREE GIFT: We offer a variety of free gifts with your purchase - Click on the FREE Gifts link and see what today's great offer is!

8. GUARANTEE: We stand behind our furniture with our 30 day money back guarantee and 6 month free replacement parts and service plan. If for some reason your purchase is not right for you, please send the item back to us and we will refund your purchase price.

7. 100% MADE in the USA. We make everything right here in our workshop in Egg Harbor City, NJ USA with skilled American craftsmen.

6. HISTORY. We have been making cedar outdoor furnishings since 1991 and for 100 years before that our family made sport fishing boats, Coast Guard vessels and the famous "Jersey Skiff". We didn't start out as teachers or stockbrokers who got bored, aren't some 10-year old kids making furniture for a bowl of rice, and we don't let go the experienced staff and replace them with cheaper new workers. Our current woodworkers and master craftsmen have been working with cedar for a collective 150 years.

5. NATURAL MATERIALS. Cedar is the "green" standard by which all other lumber is judged. Virtually every other outdoor furniture on the market today is made from teak, "tropical hardwood", "ipe" or some variant - all of which are in the bulls-eye of every environmental group on the planet. And they should be. Use of these woods, even with managed harvesting and replanting, is nothing short of a crime against our planet because there ARE alternatives. Cedar from the very same acreage we use is used on the roof shingles at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. If you care about the planet as we do, cedar is the only choice.

4. COMFORT. Virtually every top home and garden publication, including Good Housekeeping, Country Living and scores more, have featured Tidewater Workshop, consistently rated as the most comfortable furniture for heavy use. Why are our Adirondack Chairs, Rocking Chairs, and every seat and table top we make so comfortable? Because we contour the seats, curve and arch the backs, recline the back legs, and make our furniture to be sat in, slept on, and enjoyed all day long without needing a crane to lift you out of it after a few hours.

3. DURABILITY. Our furniture was named "Best Value" by the Wall Street Journal for one reason: If you spend money on our furniture, you will get more use out of the furniture dollar-for-dollar than if you were to buy from any other manufacturer or marketer selling outdoor furniture today. Period. You can very little money with Tidewater Workshop and get a product you will have an enjoy for a very long time.

2. CRAFTSMANSHIP. What makes the difference between a well-made piece of furniture and a cheap rip-off. Details. Details like mortise and tenon joinery like we use to insure strong joints while maintaining a fine, finished look. Details like counter-sunk and plugged hardware. After 100 years in the boat business, we know it doesn't matter what you coat hardware with, if it sees the light of day it will eventually rust, stain and ruin your furniture. All of our screws and fasteners are pre-drilled, counter-sunk and plugged with a glued-in hardwood cap. Other details like chamfered, eased edges, mitered joints, and hardened epoxy on frame components. We make our furniture right and to last.

1. And the most important reason of all? You and your family. All of us at Tidewater Workshop take the responsibility of knowing that our furniture becomes part of your day-in and day-out life. Our furniture is part of your view out the back window, the place where you rest on the front porch, and the gathering table where you meet your family and friends to dine and make memories. We are part of over a half-million homes and we are always honored when someone decided to make us part of their family.

Peter Caporilli
Founder & CEO

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