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A Century of TraditionA Century of Tradition


The story of Tidewater Workshop begins around 1905 in a small shop along the Inlet in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Our great-grandfather, A. Carl Adams, after a brief apprenticeship, established Modern Boat Works and quickly gained a reputation for outstanding naval design and unparalleled craftsmanship. For most of the 20th century, four generations of Adams designed, built and repaired cedar hulled skiffs, sport fishing boats and yachts, as well as the infamous rumrunners used during Prohibition. Frustrated by the powerful engines and aerodynamic design of the Adams rumrunners, the Coast Guard finally persuaded Modern Boat Works to design and build Coast Guard chasers that were capable of overtaking the daredevil rumrunners. Luminaries from the sports and entertainment world also commissioned the Adams to build custom boats- baseball legend Babe Ruth often fished on the Gypsy Queen off Marathon, FL.

Shortly after the outbreak of World War II, Carl Adams and our grandfather, Alvin, were sent by President Roosevelt to the Cambridge, Maryland Shipyards, to serve as Superintendent and Master Shipbuilder, respectively. As a longtime contract boatbuilder for the U.S. Government, our ancestors were well known to the President and he put them in charge of one of the most important wartime projects- construction of Army Aircraft Rescue ships- which were used to rescue downed American and Allied Pilots and their crews.

During the War, the coastlines were darkened to obscure the shoreline from potential enemy bombers. Unfortunately, this also created a disorienting effect on Allied aircraft on patrol, often causing Allied pilots to crash on approach. The Army Aircraft Rescue cruisers were equipped with swift diesels and powerful winches, enabling them to quickly reach the fallen crew and hoist (and salvage) the stricken aircraft.

At the end of the War, Carl and Alvin returned to Atlantic City. With Carl’s daughter Vivian taking over the office and Alvin’s son David joining the operation in 1955, construction began on Modern Boat Works’ first real production boat - the 24 foot Jersey skiff.

The Adams’ Jersey skiff, also built to 21 foot, 26 foot and 30 foot lengths, became the model for many of the boat manufacturers of the day. Our family members were close contemporaries of the founders of Post Marine and Pacemaker (Egg Harbor) Yachts. The Adams’ modifications on oak ribbed, cedar lapstrake hulls and on long leaf yellow pine aprons and keels were widely adapted. Peter Adams Caporilli began his apprenticeship literally under David Adams in 1973, holding an iron cylinder under each rivet on the underside of the boat hull, “bucking-up” to provide backing while David, topside, drove a round copper washer (burr) over the exposed nail, clinched off and then peened the excess nail end.

By the mid-1980’s the last of the wooden boat business had begun to fade away for all but the purists, but a renaissance in gardening and wood outdoor furnishings was just beginning. We decided to put nearly a century’s worth of accumulated wisdom and passion for wood craftsmanship to use in the manufacture of classically styled wood garden and outdoor furnishings. Many of the same employees and suppliers from the old Boat Works were reenergized and with great enthusiasm we launched Tidewater Workshop.

For more than 30 years, we have been the international best-selling marketer and manufacturer of wood outdoor furnishings. The continuity between old and new is felt strongly here at Tidewater Workshop, and can be seen in the faces, heard in the voices, and experienced in the product we all join hands to proudly produce.

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-Peter Caporilli

Tidewater TW Staff

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